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So we’ve been posting and chatting all over about the great food, and the fabulous silent auction items, and everything else that you’re going to get to enjoy at RIPE on Thursday evening, but where will all the money raised be going? Why are we doing all of this?

This is a major reason why.

Check it out; it’s big.

Screen shot 2009-09-30 at 12.05.57 AM

So…anyone who would like to support this initiative by attending RIPE: send an email to jackie@eatlocal.org with 3 of the other purposes the New City Market will be for, beyond a year round farmers market, before 3pm Wednesday September 30th to win of 2 tickets to RIPE! (the winner will get an email response, will be posted on the blog Wednesday evening, and tickets can be picked up at will call).


Congratulations to Demer McIntosh, the lucky winner! Demer correctly responded with 3 other purposes the New City Market will be for: event and meeting space, processing centre, and storage and distribution. See you tomorrow eve Demer!



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