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Part of what RIPE is all about is based on local food and knowing the story, the history, behind what we’re eating. That’s exactly what one of our media sponsors, The Tyee, writes about in their column Eat Your History. Launched just this Summer, guest edited by J.B. MacKinnon co-creator of the 100-Mile Diet, and written by Jeff Nield and Joanne Will it’s about food; place; history. “A stimulated mind and happy taste buds” so they say.

MacKinnon describes the idea behind Eat Your History, and what gave him the idea:

“Eat Your History will highlight foods that tell a story about the place we live in. The first article is a great example. Jeff takes a look at the Olympia oyster, which was once the only native species of oyster on the coast. The fact that most of us have never heard of the Olympia oyster, let alone eaten one, tells a story about how dramatically our coastline has changed since the arrival of European settler. The way we eat shapes everything around us — we don ourselves a major disservice when we ignore that history.”

Well said James, well said.

p.s. Can’t wait to host 2 of The Tyee’s readers at RIPE – was it you that won their ticket giveaway?


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